The Television and Radio Writers’Association (TRWA) is a cultural organization of scriptwriters in Japan.

  Our purpose is to promote mutual communication and to contribute to broadcast culture.

  Incorporated on September 18, 1959, the TRWA has five branches(Hokkaido , Chubu , Kansai , Chugoku , Kyusyu). It boasts nearly 670 scriptwriters as members (as of march 2023), and is one of the largest cultural society in the world.

  We can carry out various educational projects such as training programs for potential scriptwriters, extramural classes, and radio and TV program script competitions to foster new talent. In 2005 we started to work for the foundation of the Japan Script Archives to preserve and promote the use of valuable scripts.

  We are also involved in international activities. We sponsored the Morishige Prize from 1992 to 1995 (Hisaya Morishige was one of most talemted actor , singer ,comedian in Japan) , an international radio program script competition.

  Since 2006,we have taken part in the TV Drama Forum of East Asia and make a comparative study of broadcast scripts with television scriptwriters of othercountries.


----Head Office ----

 TouetsuHakuyou Bldg , 5F

  4-9, Yonbancho
 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
 Tel: 03-5210-7020